1. Afaquim. Asociación Fabricantes de Química Farmacéutica
    AFAQUIM, Manufacturers' Association of Pharmaceutical Chemistry groups and represents the set of manufacturing plants of Active Principles and Intermediate Pharmacists (API), of which 30 companies belong to AFAQUIM. This sector has a turnover near 1.500 million Euros and an export of about 1.000 million Euros.
  2. Antibióticos de León, S.A.
    The activities of the plant are centred on the production, through chemical and enzymatic fermentation processes.
  3. BCN Peptides, S.A.
    BCN Peptides is a privately own company completely focused on the cGMP manufacture of Bioactive Peptides for Pharmaceutical and Veterinary applications. We are experts on the Solid Phase Synthesis of Peptides in bulk quantities. With our new production site located in Sant Quintí de Mediona (Barcelona-Spain), BCN Peptides has the technology and the facilities to manufacture multi-kilo batches of bioactive peptides. BCN Peptides has a vast experience in solid phase peptide synthesis by either linear or convergent strategies and also offers its capabilities to find new synthesis processes designing and scaling up processes for any active peptide up to 50 amino acids long. The company has been audited and approved by US FDA and EDQM for the GMP manufacture of peptides. BCN Peptides is offering both: Generic Peptides Custom API Peptides
  4. Bioibérica, S.A.
    ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14001 environmental management certification, and the quality prize of the Generalitat of Catalonia give international endorsement to a serious and constant pattern of quality, and place Bioibérica among the most prestigious businesses in the sector.
  5. Crystal Pharma
    Crystal Pharma and Ragactives, bringing together with years of experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, offer a variety of products and services, which include steroid and nonsteroid API's. Together are working as one to strengthen the global market presence.